West Las Positas Bikeway Feasibility Study
West Las Positas Bikeway Feasibility Study
City of Pleasanton West Las Positas Bikeway Feasibility Study

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west last positas Bikeway Study

About the Study

West Las Positas Boulevard is a primary corridor for people traveling across Pleasanton. During the community engagement process for the 2018 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, feedback identified the West Las Positas corridor as the highest priority bikeway project to help connect multiple north/south routes. Building on that momentum, the West Las Positas Bikeway Feasibility Study (WLP Bikeway Study) will create a new vision for corridor, featuring an all ages and abilities bikeway along its entirety. The WLP Bikeway Study will also evaluate the bikeway’s effects on other modes of transportation. With varying land uses, users, and multimodal operations along the corridor, this Study will provide alternatives to balance the needs of all modes of transportation and provide new connections for all Pleasanton residents of all ages and abilities.

Active West Las Positas Goals

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan includes the overarching goal to make the City pedestrian and bicycle friendly by  adopting an all ages and abilities design philosophy.  The Master Plan provides a guide to the City for achieving a comprehensive system of bicycle, pedestrian and trail facilities that will result in a safe, continuous and convenient circulation system for all users and abilities. The West Las Positas Bikeway Study is the first step in reaching this goal.

The West Las Positas Bikeway Study will evaluate opportunities for improving each segment of the corridor in relation to main goals identified as priorities by the City of Pleasanton’s Bicycle Pedestrian Trails Committee:


  • Improve access to key destinations near the corridor to create new options for biking and walking for all types of trip purposes by closing gaps in the current network.

  • Create a continuous, east-west bikeway in north Pleasanton providing access to neighborhoods, employment centers, and schools.

  • Achieving consistency with the recently updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.


  • Provide opportunities to increase the level of usage by people biking and walking to, from, and along the corridor.

  • Provide Safe Routes to School improvements for Thomas S. Hart Middle School, Donlon Elementary School, and Fairlands Elementary School.

  • Consider the potential for on-street parking near the residential uses just west of Stoneridge Drive.

  • Evaluate traffic volumes along the corridor to recapture excess capacity in the roadway cross section.


  • Address the need for separated bikeways to make West Las Positas Boulevard an all ages and abilities network.

  • Address bicycle and pedestrian improvements throughout the corridor, including constraints and conflicts at the signalized intersections.


  • Design innovative solutions to address both perceived safety concerns and reported collision trends prevalent along the corridor.

  • Improve safety and comfort for bicyclists and pedestrians at large intersections.

  • Recommend enhancements to improve safety on westbound West Las Positas Road approaching the double right-turn lanes at Owens Drive


Selecting the Right Treatments


what is an all ages and abilities bikeway?

The WLP Bikeway Study is a meant to identify ways to implement an all ages and abilities bikeway. This means recommendations should address perceptions of safety for users such as children, seniors, people with disabilities, along with confident cyclists. To achieve this goal, the Project Team reviewed recommendations from the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Designing for All Ages and Abilities guide to select appropriate bikeway facilities throughout the corridor. This guide was used in concert with existing roadway vehicular speed and volume , the guide recommends implementing a protected bikeway throughout much of the corridor.

What is a Protected Bikeway?

A protected or separated bikeway is an exclusive bikeway facility, physically separated from vehicular traffic with both vertical and horizontal barriers. Vertical barriers often consist of raised islands, planters, flexible posts, or on-street parking while horizontal barriers generally consist of landscaping or pavement striping. A protected bikeway is separate and distinct from the sidewalk, providing a dedicated area marked for cyclists.

Protected bikeways can be installed on both sides of the street as separate one-way facilities or on one side of the street as a bi-direction facility. A one-way parking protected bikeway is shown at the left. The Evolution of a Protected Bikeway figure, below, depicts how a protected bikeway can start as a lower cost, easily implemented buffered bike lane and transition to a fully built out protected bikeway with curb separation over time.

Progression of SBL.PNG

Evolution of Protected Bikeway


Timeline and resources


Project timeline

Phase I: Existing conditions & Data Gathering [September - December 2018]

In Phase I, we reviewed the 2018 City of Pleasanton Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and met with the Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Committee to understand conditions and notable constraints along the corridor.

Phase II: draft concepts [January 2019 - May 2019]

In Phase II, we will use the information we’ve gathered to date to draft initial concepts for two alternative design options. A low-cost, rapid implementation and a full build-out alternative will be designed to identify how an all ages and abilities protected bikeway can be accommodated in the short- and long-term.

Phase III: Community fEEDBACK & cONCEPT rEFINEMENT [May 2019 - July 2019]

In Phase III, we want to hear from people who go to school, work, play, shop, pray, and live along the corridor about how the proposed designs can be refined to best meet the needs of all people who travel on West Las Positas Blvd. We’ll be hosting two in-person pop-up feedback stations and an online survey to allow you to select your preferred design and suggest ways to make it better. The initial designs will then be refined to reflect in-person and online community feedback.

Phase Iv: Draft & Final Plan [July 2019– August 2019]

In Phase IV we will draft the WLP Bikeway Study to release it for Public Review and City Council adoption.


2018 City of Pleasanton Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Pleasanton Trails Master Plan

West Las Positas ATP Existing Conditions (Coming Soon!)